Studies of telomere length regulation provided the first molecular mechanism capable of counting cell divisions and implementing cell cycle arrest (Harley et al., 1990). Telomeres consist of repetitive DNA elements at the end of linear chromosomes that protect the DNA ends from degradation and recombination (Chan et al., 2001, de Lange, 2005). Due to the intrinsic inability of the replication machinery to copy the ends of linear molecules, telomeres become progressively shorter with every round of cell division (Blasco, 2005). Eventually, telomeres reach a critically short length, behaving as double-stranded DNA breaks that activate the p53 tumor suppressor protein resulting in telomere-initiated senescence or apoptosis (de Lange, 2005, von Zglinicki et al., 2005). Telomerase is a ribonucleoprotein with DNA polymerase activity that elongates telomeres(Greider and Blackburn, 1985), but its level of activity in most adult tissues is not sufficient to compensate for the progressive telomere attrition that occurs with aging (Collins and Mitchell, 2002).


telomereThe generation of telomerase-deficient mice demonstrated that telomerase is the main cellular activity responsible for maintaining telomere length (Blasco et al., 1997). Importantly, in the case of in vitro cultured cells, ectopic expression of telomerase was sufficient to prevent telomere shortening, and this resulted in immortalization of human fibroblasts, thus formally demonstrating that telomere exhaustion is a critical factor leading to cellular senescence (Bodnar et al., 1998). Once mutation starts within and the cell does not die out as it should, it can potentially lead to development of tumor. On the other hand, the deterioration of telomeres speeds up the aging process. Mincore is formulated to remove the free radicals; undo the harms of the damaging rays and recreate an environment suitable for cellular growth. It’s almost like the water filtration system in an aquarium that keeps the fish alive and healthy. Evidently, as we have witnessed in many terminal patients’ recovery, Minocore has an amazing effect in reversing what medical professionals consider as the inevitable.


Minocore targets the problem right from the beginning by removing free radicals and reduce oxidants in the cellular plasma, it reduces the occurrence of telomere shortening and DNA damage; thus directly provides cancer protection from within the cell.

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