MINOCORE and MINOCORE II: Features, Specialties, Functions and Technologies


Science and Results
Science and Results

MINOCORE is a specialty brand of Bio 21, a California-based company focused on distributing the finest formulations for terminal conditions. The primary focus of our products is cellular therapy. Our partner research staff works side by side with marine mineral experts and a local lab to understand, and find ways to combat, cellular senescence, which occurs when cells become stressed and damaged. This “aging” of cells can lead to cell death or, in some cases, the growth of tumors.

We’ve translated our extensive knowledge of cellular senescence into a micro-molecular infusion treatment that uses deep-sea minerals to expedite the cellular recovery process, thus helping to repair damaged cellular structures, boosting regulation of gene expression and improving the absorption of nutrients. By facilitating cellular rejuvenation directly, we’ve discovered that we can effectively change the cellular environment to reduce the formation of mutagens.
The source material of MINOCORE and MINOCORE II is:

  • All natural
  • Free of contamination
  • Easily absorbed
  • Similar to human fluids
  • Completely earth friendly