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    Experience the pure mineral goodness of the deep sea in two easy-to-consume drinks.

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    Minocore contains a concentrated spectrum of active, ionic deep-sea minerals and trace elements, free of contamination and easily absorbed by cells, ready to be diluted into a refreshing drink.

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    $ 1,299.00

    Minocore II is a special blend of essential deep-sea minerals and trace elements, including potassium, zinc and selenium. Enjoy it as a convenient mineral drink to nourish the entire body.

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  By collaborating with the brightest minds and conducting research with the most experienced experts, we explore the deepest ocean floor to bring you advanced cellular protection for optimal health.


It started as a simple deep-sea diving experience during a trip to a world-renowned resort paradise. The pristine, deep-blue sea had mesmerized one of the researchers of MINOCORE. Having brought back a small sample of the deep-sea water, the researcher analyzed the water sample and found an abundance of minerals and trace elements. During a project unrelated to MINOCORE, the same researcher used the water sample as a buffer solution, but the finding was astounding: cytoplasmic activities increased! We reached out to the local laboratory to dive even deeper, and the rest was history.


The deep sea harbors the most abundant minerals and trace elements, preserved in the bottom of the ocean for centuries without any contamination. This clean, natural source of minerals is exactly the type that our body needs. Not only is it clean, the body also readily absorbs it. As many scholars concluded, life came from the sea; as we would conclude, life continues with the sea.




Producing the finest and purest deep sea mineral products in the world.

Exploring the biological riches of marine life for the benefit of human health.

Restoring the vitality and overall well-being of our customers.

Protecting the planet with ethical, eco-friendly products and practices.


What People Say

  • John GreenAuthor, The Fault In Our Stars

    This Support Group featured a rotating cast of characters in various states of tumor-driven unwellness. Why did the cast rotate? A side effect of dying.

  • Tony BlairFormer British Prime Minister, on the completion of the Human Genome Project

    Ever so often in the history of human endeavour, there comes a breakthrough that takes humankind across a frontier into a new era. … today`s announcement is such a breakthrough, a breakthrough that opens the way for massive advancement in the treatment of cancer and hereditary diseases. And that is only the beginning.

  • Peter William AtkinsBritish physical chemist and writer, The Creation

    A great deal of the universe does not need any explanation. Elephants, for instance. Once molecules have learnt to compete and to create other molecules in their own image, elephants, and things resembling elephants, will in due course be found roaming around the countryside… Some of the things resembling elephants will be men.



We’re experienced researchers.

Our team of experts is made up of dedicated pioneers specializing in biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics and marine biology. Leading with biology, our team is constantly focusing on the living and the environment. With years of experience in their fields of expertise, our team members continue to collaborate with an open mind and challenge themselves for the next breakthrough.


MINOCORE and MINOCORE II: Features, Specialties, Functions and Technologies


Science and Results
Science and Results

MINOCORE is a specialty brand of Bio 21, a California-based company focused on distributing the finest formulations for terminal conditions. The primary focus of our products is cellular therapy. Our partner research staff works side by side with marine mineral experts and a local lab to understand, and find ways to combat, cellular senescence, which occurs when cells become stressed and damaged. This “aging” of cells can lead to cell death or, in some cases, the growth of tumors.

We’ve translated our extensive knowledge of cellular senescence into a micro-molecular infusion treatment that uses deep-sea minerals to expedite the cellular recovery process, thus helping to repair damaged cellular structures, boosting regulation of gene expression and improving the absorption of nutrients. By facilitating cellular rejuvenation directly, we’ve discovered that we can effectively change the cellular environment to reduce the formation of mutagens.
The source material of MINOCORE and MINOCORE II is:

  • All natural
  • Free of contamination
  • Easily absorbed
  • Similar to human fluids
  • Completely earth friendly

All-Natural, Non-Invasive

The proprietary deep-sea formulation – sourced from nearly 2,000 feet in the aphotic layer of the ocean for utmost purity – is safe and all-natural. In stark contrast to invasive treatments that may involve chemicals, radiation and surgery, MINOCORE’s flagship products are safe and easy-to-use supplements to enhance healing in the comfort of one’s own home.

Science and Results

Science and Results

Science and Results

Deter Cancer with Active Ions

Deter Cancer with Active Ions

Deter Cancer with Active Ions

Deter Cancer with Active Ions

Active Ions for Cellular Protection

The micronutrients and electrolytes in MINOCORE and MINOCORE II are exactly what cells need for their metabolism. These active components help to regulate cellular function and to provide structure for cells. Furthermore, these components help to create an environment that inhibits oxidation, known as an antioxidant effect, which discourages the growth of cancerous cells and tumors.

Science and Results

The research behind the MINOCORE products owes much of its origin to the cellular senescence theory and the phenomenon of telomere shortening. As our environment continues to be impacted by modern advancements in the cities and rapid changes in atmospheric conditions, we’re increasingly exposed, both externally and internally, to harmful elements such as various pollutants and the invisible rays from communication signals and appliances.

Science and Results

Science and Results

Deter Cancer with Active Ions

Deter Cancer with Active Ions

Deter Cancer with Active Ions


A major breakthrough in biotechnology, an advanced product for DNA protection

 MINOCORE is a product born of advanced genetic theory and research, followed by years of clinical studies and trials. Made from hydrous molten crystals from the deep sea, MINOCORE contains a variety of minerals, along with concentrated trace minerals, that can easily penetrate the cell membrane into the plasma and support cellular activation and regeneration. Geneticists in the US have found MINOCORE to be astonishingly effective in creating an environment unsuitable for mutagenized cells.

 MINOCORE’s spectrum of ionic minerals, including potassium, zinc and selenium, provides the nourishment and protection that cells need to function normally while discouraging the growth and spread of abnormal cells. The natural antioxidant activity of these minerals can neutralize free radicals and help prevent DNA damage and mutations. Different minerals, including trace minerals, have been found to be important for regulation of gene expression. Alkaline minerals can also help correct excess acidity in the body, and a more alkaline pH enhances the cancer cell–killing ability of many chemotherapeutic drugs.



Revitalizing cardiovascular health with the power of nature and innovative technology.


MINOCORE II was developed after years of clinical studies and trials. Made from hydrous molten crystals from the deep sea, MINOCORE II contains a variety of minerals, including concentrated trace minerals, that can easily penetrate the cell membrane into the plasma and support cellular activation and regeneration. 


MINOCORE II helps support cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health by providing a balanced spectrum of ionic minerals that are essential to metabolism and cellular function. As electrolytes, the minerals can help regulate blood pressure and heart function. The minerals’ natural antioxidant activity can protect cells from damage from free radicals and help reduce oxidation of low-density lipoproteins (LDLs), a major factor in cholesterol buildup and hardened arteries. Studies have shown that supplementing with alkaline minerals can lower cholesterol levels.

Science and Results

Science and Results

Science and Results

Skin Rejuve

Women are looking beyond skin products and cosmetic procedures for more radiant skin. “Internal skin care” emerges as a more natural, fundamental way to achieve younger-looking skin, by providing the body the right nutrients to maintain the skin in top condition.


Created using NuFargo’s proprietary formulation technology, Skin Rejuve is the ideal supplement for comprehensive skin health and rejuvenation, containing amino acid, antioxidant-rich plant extracts and skin-plumping collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid. These natural ingredients go to work while you sleep to promote skin-boosting hormonal balance and blood circulation, as well as enhanced skin protection and repair.


Key benefits

  • Supports a woman’s hormonal balance
  • Supports the maintenance of healthy skin structure
  • Boosts cellular free radical defense and self-repair
  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Promotes skin brightness, elasticity and smoothness
  • Enhances sleep quality


Whether it is food, consumer products or the environment, heavy metal and toxic chemical contamination is a growing problem. Fortunately, NuFargo makes it easy to purify the body of toxins with Chloretoxins. Gentle yet effective, this natural formulation boosts the detoxification of heavy metals and chemicals and facilitates their elimination from the body. This cleansing power, combined with Chloretoxins’ liver and immune support, can promote renewed energy levels and a clear mind.


Key benefits

  • Promotes the detoxification and elimination of heavy metals and toxic chemicals
  • Supports healthy liver and immune function
  • Helps maintain metal and mineral balance
  • Supports free radical defense
  • Boosts energy and mental clarity



MINOCORE’s history of innovation begins with the ocean.

Our dedicated experts contribute to the cutting-edge marine research that takes place every day at our onsite facility. Utilizing advances in the Active Proton Multi-Pass technology, the deep-sea minerals are refined into the extract that we blend into the formulation.


From our microbiological lab to our development lab, all members of the MINOCORE research team share the goal of uncovering 100% natural solutions that are free of alcohol, preservatives, chemical additives and synthetic fragrances. We believe that the answer is always found in nature, but that it must be discovered through science.


The result? Products that can help people achieve a happier, healthier and longer life.for all.




What is cellular senescence?

column_full] The process of cellular senescence was first described in a seminal study by Hayflick and Moorhead (1961) in which they observed that normal human fibroblasts were able to enter a state of irreversible growth arrest after serial cultivation in vitro; meanwhile cancer cells did not enter this growth arrest state and proliferated indefinitely. Hayflick and Moorhead (1961) presciently hypothesized the existence of cellular factors, whose loss through consecutive cell divisions limited the proliferation of ....

What is telomere shortening?

Studies of telomere length regulation provided the first molecular mechanism capable of counting cell divisions and implementing cell cycle arrest (Harley et al., 1990). Telomeres consist of repetitive DNA elements at the end of linear chromosomes that protect the DNA ends from degradation and recombination (Chan et al., 2001, de Lange, 2005). Due to the intrinsic inability of the replication machinery to copy the ends of linear molecules, telomeres become progressively shorter with every round ....


We’re located in California, United States. For inquiries, please contact our support team by filling out the contact form below or by direct email to support@minocore.com

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